CEES Stibbington Residential Centre:


The purpose-built residential centre at Stibbington can accommodate up to 38 in 12 small bedrooms, ranging from singles to rooms for four. (See our bedroom plan). 


In addition to a classroom , lounge and cloakrooms , the building also houses “The Crunchy Carrot Cafe”  where healthy meals are eaten in inspirational surroundings. 


As an award-winning Eco Centre, Stibbington’s ethos encourages all residential visitors to take part in Eco Action and to learn about sustainable lifestyles during their stay.  


To find out about the imaginatively designed Centre grounds visit CEES Stibbington Day Centre.  


Visit residential courses for general information about school programmes


The residential centre is available for hire by organised groups during weekends and school holidays.

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Parents might like to visit general information, kit list, sample menu and souvenir shop price list.


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""  FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: following a residential course at Stibbington, a group of 10 year olds from Icknield Primary School, Cambridgeshire prepared information for a young people’s perspective on residential visits to Stibbington.