Wartime lifestyles


Book list


A short list of fiction and non-fiction titles about evacuees and World War ll.






Tomorrow is a Stranger

Geoffrey Trease

The Machine Gunners Robert Westall
‘Private, Keep out .’ Gwen Grant
Carrie’s War Nina Bawden
Goodnight Mr Tom Michelle Magorian
Back Home Michelle Magorian
William and the Evacuees Richmal Crompton
When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit Judith Kerr
The Other Way Round Judith Kerr
A Small Person Far Away Judith Kerr
The Silver Sword Ian Serraillier
Cuckoo in the Nest Michelle Magorian
Little Lovesong Michelle Magorian
Conrad’s War Andrew Davies


Non- Fiction:




The Blitzed Brits

Horrible Histories

History of Britain Andrew Langley
What was it like for children during the Second World War? Leslie Coate
A schoolchild in World War II Albany Bilbe and George
The People’s War Juliet Gardiner
The Home Front Fiona Reynoldson
Ration Book Recipes Gill Corbishley
Rationing Fiona Reynoldson
A Child’s War Mike Brown
What they don’t tell you about World War II Bob Fowke
The Diary of Anne Frank Autobiography